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    VaporSuite consists of 4 main modules:


    • The RECIPE module where you manage all your juice recipes.
    • The COIL DESIGN module where you manage the design and building of coils.
    • The JOURNAL module where you manage your daily vaping activities, purchases and hardware.
    • The OHM'S LAW module where you see the relationship between Volt, Ohm, Amp and Watt.


    VaporSuite also keeps track of your VAPING ACHIEVEMENTS to keep you motivated.


    VaporSuite has many unique features to help you to be more efficient.

    • Most values that often change can be set with our unique three-method system:
    • Input the number,
    • Increment/decrement buttons, and
    • Slider.
    • All calculations are live. As you change a value, all affected values are updated immediately. You will never see a “Calculate” button in VaporSuite.
    • VaporSuite has no limits. You can have unlimited recipes, unlimited components, unlimited flavors in recipe, unlimited coil designs, etc. There are no limits to data.
    • Lists have a Favorites toggle, Search, and Filter options to quickly find any item.
    • Notes can be added for just about any item in VaporSuite. Notes panels expand to always show all the notes.
    • There are many settings and defaults that enables you to customize the app to meet your needs and make you more productive.
    • International – You can set your own currency unit, and select your preferred date and time formats.
    • Automatic backup at exit, including copy of backups to Dropbox.
    • Detailed Help is available for every page, with valuable notes, tips and warnings.
    • Almost every help page also has a direct link to play the relevant YouTube video tutorial.


    There are many more features that you will discover as you use the app and go through the tutorials.


    You can manage all your recipes in the Recipe Module.


    Some features of the recipe module are:

    • Unlimited number of components, including flavors.
    • List all the components with %, volume, weight, or drops for each.
    • Live information (VG/PG/Thinner ratio, Nicotine content, total Flavor content, Steep parameters, Batches made and Cost).
    • Full stock control of all components. Shows quick stock status in components list, and will warn if stock of a component is too low to make a batch.
    • Auto or Manual design.
    • Auto: Set VG%, Nicotine, Viscosity, and add Flavors.
    • Manual: Add any components and set the percentage of each.
    • Convert from Auto to Manual and vice versa.
    • One-click Max-VG design.
    • Unique method to control thinners to add with VaporSuite's Viscosity Equivalent feature.
    • Pre-loaded with many popular base, nicotine and thinner components, and about 1400 flavors from the most popular flavor manufacturers.
    • Can easily add your own components with full control over VG, PG, Water, Alcohol, and Nicotine.
    • Customize naming when a recipe is cloned.
    • Lock a recipe to prevent accidental changes.
    • One-click to make a batch.
    • Costing of recipes and batches.
    • Export recipe in csv format, with options to email, and upload a copy to DropBox.


    VaporSuite's Recipe module is easy to use, yet powerful and versatile, and enables you to design any recipe you want.


    You can manage all your coil designs in the Coil Design Module.


    Some features of the coil design module are:

    • Design with or without an Ohm Target.
    • Target on: Coil diameter or wraps are calculated to give a coil with the target resistance.
    • Target off: You set all the coil parameters and the resistance is calculated.
    • Different coil types. Currently there are 9 (single, parallel 2-strand, twisted with 2, 3 or 4 strands, Fused Clapton, Clapton with twisted 2, 3, or 4 strand cores). More will be added in the future.
    • Two styles of coils: legs on the same side, or legs on opposite sides.
    • Multiple wires: Choose if all must be the same, or different. If different, the material, profile, and size of each wire can be set individually.
    • You can add an adjustment factor for each coil design, if necessary.
    • VaporSuite comes pre-loaded with more than 20 popular materials.
    • You can easily add your own materials.


    VaporSuite's Coil Design module is easy to use, yet powerful and accurate, and enables you to design your coils with confidence.


    With the Journal Module, you can keep track of your daily vaping activities.

    • DIARY – where you can keep track of your daily vaping actions, such as:
    • Refill juice,
    • New coil,
    • Refurbish coil, and
    • Make a note.
    • It gives a summary of Juice Consumption, Coil Life, and Consumables Cost.
    • PURCHASES – where you can keep track of all vaping related purchases and expenses.
    • It gives a summary of purchases, average per month, and average per day.
    • HARDWARE – this is where you can keep track of all your vaping hardware
    • Atomizer,
    • Mod,
    • Miscellaneous


    VaporSuite's Journal module is an easy and convenient way to keep track of your vaping activities, expenses and hardware, and gives you valuable summaries.


    The Ohm's Law Module shows the relationship between Volt, Ohm, Amp and Watt.

    • Any two can be selected to be set, and the other two are calculated.
    • All calculations are live, and values are updated in real-time.


    VaporSuite's Ohm's Law module is easy to use, and is a valuable tool for vaping enthusiasts and coil builders.

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